Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bring Us All Together™?

Bring Us All Together™ is part of the You Power™ network. Our platform was created to help American businesses and consumers connect.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to bring United States workers together. Our country needs unity, stability, and growth. Our fellow citizens need stable American jobs, American businesses want other American businesses to partner with and American consumers want to buy products Made In The USA. Bring Us All Together™ is part of the You Power™ Network; created to do just that!

Can I partner with Bring Us All Together™?

Yes! We are looking for partners in several industries, including data centers, data security, and internet marketing. Contact us to learn more.

The You Power™ Network

United States Based Business Services

You Power™ the United States Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”).

Why do we send so many United States Dollars overseas when we can create jobs, parts and products MADE in the USA to generate new wealth to bring down our National Debt?

This is an opportunity for United States Businesses to work together helping raise our GDP to save our economy, and our Country, from the soaring debt.